Dominican Republic

North Coast

Dominican Republic has for many years been a well known travel destination for tourists from around the world. With more than 6 million visitors a year and a population of more than 10 million, Dominican Republic is a wonderful location for our first Caribbean based project.

Located on the up and coming north coast of the island, in the Puerto Plata region, our planned park project is situated on a beautiful and tropical piece of land by the river and the beach. The pristine location in Bergantine Bay is the ideal spot for Our Place Out of Time…..


The Chorala Project

There is a place where time loosens its hold on reality as curiosity and adventure take the place of daily routine. Here, high-seas buccaneers, intrepid explorers and indigenous people with roots going back thousands of years live a lusty life hidden away from the modern world. This crossroads of culture, time and space brings together people from exotic land and sea routes with life stories that run from heroic to suspicious.

In a luscious setting on the North shore of the island of Hispaniola – what is today called The Dominican Republic – this unlikely blend of Taino islanders, Scandinavian seafarers, and Caribbean pirates have made a home forever fixed in the late 1700s; an intriguing union of misplaced souls. Hidden just inside the swampy mangroves and dense tropical foliage lies an oasis of splintered history and spellbinding lore – an inexhaustible source of salty tales and the perfect setting for perilous and hearty deeds.

Expected opening date:

Fall 2021

Drone footage from the beach in Puerto Plata region

Link to Dominican Republic statistics and tourism page: